In the industrial sector it is difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition.
In the world of manufacturing technical parts for industrial machinery, we all do the same thing.
We offer the same thing: quality or fast delivery times.
But the biggest factor that tips the balance in favour of one or the other is always price.

Un buen servicio de atención al cliente ayuda a ahorrar gastosEven so, having the cheapest price does not guarantee anything. There is always the risk that someone cheaper will come along.This is a big problem, as it directly affects the profit margin, which cannot go any lower after a certain point.Customers are free to choose, they do not make a commitment, so even the sacrifice of earning less does not ensure loyalty.
For us this has become our purpose: BUILDING CUSTOMER LOYALTY.
Not to pursue an immediate return, but rather a long-term and constant one.
To consolidate a solid foundation for our brand, something that gives the customer assurance and comfort, and the peace of mind of using our services with full confidence.

Have you ever stopped to think: what does the customer want?Apart from a good price, of course.
We can find the answer in our day-to-day work: everything extra that is offered, without having to ask for it, is very highly valued – customer service, information, dealing with enquires and incidents... always being there, available and ready to solve everything.
These are the bonuses that on many occasions compensate for price, which then fades into the background, and as long as the customer is certain that they gain something else more valuable by working with us: time.
And this is our greatest goal, to offer the best service to the customer, to make them GAIN TIME.
 Not lose it.
To achieve this, the strategy that we have been developing at Induplast for some years now is, on the one hand, to continue building and consolidating our corporate identity, continually developing ourselves in the digital environment and supplying our partners with all the necessary information about us and our work.
 And, on the other hand, giving our customers VIP treatment via the exclusive service of the Account Manager.
This is our added value that sets us apart from our competitors.
We are committed to communication and customer service (pre- and post-sales).
In the digital environment we say everything we think the customer needs to know about us, with the difference that they choose the moment and the time they want to dedicate to us.
It is an open means of presentation, where we continuously update the content, giving our readers the chance to find answers without wasting time asking questions.
If in the past a coffee with a partner or a phone call was more than enough to get up to date and get answers, nowadays social media, blog posts, newsletters and the website allow us to establish that link with our customers that we have gradually been losing.
The other value that sets us apart from the rest is the assignment of an account manager, a direct contact who is in charge of dealing with customers from the first contact through to the after-sales service.This is the person who meets the requirements of a contact person with a high level of training in customer service, commercial service and technical and logistical advice.The account manager is always in contact with the customer, ready and available to attend to the customer's needs or doubts. They are in charge of everything related to the project, without wasting time dealing with other contact people.They are the coordinators between the different departments at our company, the voice of our customer, but, in addition, a trained, problem-solving person, who is capable of giving all the necessary advice.
This helps the customer to earn money, as the time spent by us in managing everything related to their request (even the after-sales process), is time that our customer gains and can invest and dedicate to other projects.
That's why at Induplast we reinvent ourselves every day, trying to anticipate our customers' needs.
We continuously adapt our services to your requirements.
We offer transparency, open communication and continuous commitment.
See for yourself!
Check out what our customers have to say!

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