The HP JET FUSION 3D printer is the key tool for successful projects in all industrial areas, guaranteeing high performance, precision, flexibility and optimised workflows.

This 3D machine uses a fine-grained PA 12 polyamide material, which obtains ultra-thin 80-micron layers (0.08 mm). The result is functional parts with good machining characteristics, high density and low porosity compared to PA 12 parts produced by laser sintering.

What is Fusion 3D Printing?

The HP JET FUSION 3D printer selectively applies fusing and detailing agents to a bed of nylon powder, which are fused into thousands of layers by heating elements to create solid functional components.
 We produce prototypes with highly complex geometries as well as final parts in short and medium production runs.
With 3D printing of parts, we not only obtain finishes that exceed quality controls, but we also achieve a striking reduction in manufacturing times, helping to improve profitability.

Our workshops work with certified, high-quality materials. The versatility of the material used for printing (polyamide-PA12) means that there are many sectors that are well suited to its production, such as the aeronautical, biotechnological, automotive or electrical sectors, among many others.

Additive manufacturing has post-production processes to optimise finishes.
Technical features: 274 x 370 x 380 mm
Layer height: 0.08 mm
Tolerances: ±0.3 (with a lower limit of ±0.3 mm)

Customised quote for your 3D Printing

Since there is a great variety of work that can be carried out with this type of machinery, we prepare a customised 3D printing quote for each customer. Our experts are available to advise you and help you to optimise your production.
In addition to specialising in the manufacture of parts for industrial purposes, we are also involved in the design of these parts to ensure high accuracy and optimum process performance.
Contact us for more information.