The food industry requires materials that are of the highest quality and that have certificates that approve them. So it is essential to have a plastics company for the food industry that specialises in their machining and processing.

At Induplast we work with plastics for the food industry that have been approved by FDA regulations for contact with food products and we have engineering plastics with additives for metal detection that prevent contamination and guarantee traceability and compliance with migration limits. We also use high-performance machinery that allows us to obtain plastic moulds for food and food machinery, guaranteeing the best quality.


Food grade silicones that are intended for contact with food products. These offer many properties, including chemical and temperature resistance, being antibacterial, non-stick and BPA-free – substances that are harmful to health. They are also tasteless and odourless.  

This is why food grade silicone is used in the manufacture of moulds for food machinery, plastic parts for food machinery, kitchen moulds, ice cube trays, teats, liquid conveying and other products in the food industry. We work with these in our workshops to create moulds with customised designs, always complying with FDA health regulations.


The machining of aluminium parts is mainly used in the automotive and aeronautical industries. However, its use has increasingly spread to other industries such as the food industry. Our workshops create customised aluminium parts for food machinery, so that we can adapt to any request or need our customers may have.

At Induplast we work on the machining of plastic and engineering parts, as well as aluminium machining and 3D printing of different products. In addition to being experts in manufacturing, our team of technicians offers advice in producing an innovative design that guarantees maximum quality and accuracy in the final result.