Believing in the potential and quality of your work is essential for overcoming unexpected situations!
Continuing to maintain the best relationship with customers, continuing to give a response to their requests, supporting them professionally in their projects, and having the capacity to anticipate their needs.This is the essence of Induplast.We have expert professionals that offer technical advice from when we receive a part drawing until it is reflected in a tangible object, a faithful copy of what was required.
Our speciality is the transformation of engineering plastics, such as machining and 3D printing, and this is where most of our daily work is focussed.
We continue supporting one-off industrial machinery development projects.
Here are some of the examples of the non-stop activity at Induplast:


But, it is well known that the industry is currently undergoing significant changes due to the impact of the current pandemic.And many companies are being forced to adapt to the new situation.Without losing their essence, of course!
It is essential to move forward, to contribute as much as possible so that the sector that we represent is supported and returns to that much desired normality.
For this reason, we are providing the essentials while maintaining our essence.
At Induplast, for a few weeks now, we have been manufacturing all kinds of protective equipment for our companies, consisting of made-to-measure equipment to protect against infection, from drawings, with custom requirements and in a variety of materials.
We have raw materials such as methacrylate, PETG, polycarbonate and, thanks to our experience in polymers and with the variety of machinery required for this, we can cover compliance with the infection prevention health standards in a short space of time.

Our work at this time is essential, as is that of all professionals who, like us, are reinventing themselves.
We support and feel supported by platforms such as Eactivate, Partnershop (CECOT)
Because this must not stop.
Another of the services offered by our company is 3D Printing.
Its advantages have been the ideal response to sectors such as healthcare, which have relied on our work at critical times of this crisis for the manufacture of essential equipment, such as respirators and facial visors.
In conclusion, the point is not to stop.
We have to move forward, and we will do it all together.
And if we have to reinvent ourselves to do this, then that's what we'll do.
Not afraid of progress or change.
With a focus on what is essential, but without losing our essence.

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