Our aim is to continue to strengthen the innovative and differentiating character of our brand. We are launching a new project, optimistically adapting to the new 4.0 revolution. We offer our customers a new multi-disciplinary engineering and consultancy service, expert in additive manufacturing and digitalisation of design projects..

A team of more than 125 specialists, ready and willing to take on new, complete and diversified challenges that can cover most industrial sectors.

Divided by specialities into several departments, the engineering office has the most advanced technologies in design cycle, technical consultancy and support, manufacturing and after sales of capital goods and products.


We are firmly committed to 3D scanning and additive manufacturing.
We are capable of executing daring, large-format projects from a plan or model.
We create proposals from another point of view, we improve and modify existing products and designs.
We have the tools to update obsolete machinery, to manufacture spare parts without drawings, to robotise production lines or to refurbish buildings, thanks to the versatility of services and technologies available to us.

Our work can fit in perfectly with the needs of municipal works and services offices, architecture departments and any branch of industry that may be looking for a "turnkey project".
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