Induplast is a company specialising in the machining of engineering plastics for different industries. Thanks to the workshops and machines we have and the technical and functional knowledge of our experts, we advise our customers in both the design and manufacture of various parts.


The machining of engineering plastics encompasses different techniques that make it possible to obtain parts with different geometries. There are a very wide range of processes and machinery used and the choice will depend on the special features of the chosen material and the characteristics of the part in question. The best results are therefore guaranteed.

At Induplast we work with many lathes, milling machines, CNC machines and pantographs, among others, which allow us perfect control in removing material from the part without tearing, controlling its heating, as well as its subsequent stabilisation in order to obtain the required quality.
Some examples of machined engineering plastic parts are gears, sliding rails, stars, cylinders, rollers and many more.


Engineering plastics have replaced other traditional materials such as wood and metal because, in addition to their strength, they are easier to mould and allow for more complex shapes. Depending on their features, divided into thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers, they have mainly mechanical applications and are used in the manufacture of all types of industrial machines.

Induplast mechanical engineering parts can also be manufactured in metal.
Always according to the needs of each product and with the advice of a team of machining professionals. Given that our staff also has experience in the field of RDI in a wide variety of industries, we have technical knowledge that we use in developing the final product.