As a company specialised in the manufacture of industrial parts, we are aware of the special features that each one of them has depending on the materials used and their purpose. With extensive experience in machining technical parts in various industries, we support our customers throughout the implementation process. This means from the customised design to the final finish and our unique contribution to the after-sales service.

Machining of technical and engineering plastics

Machining of plastic parts is one of the methods we use at Induplast to work with this type of material. More specifically, we are specialists in the machining of engineering plastics and elastomers, as well as a wide variety of engineering plastics and thermoplastic polymers with many applications. We also have machinery for 3D printing.

These materials offer numerous advantages when working with them, which is why they are increasingly being used in comparison to other alternatives such as metals. Technical applications require parts with very specific features. Research and development thus play an important role in obtaining innovative items.

For many years, Induplast has been working hand in hand with these RDI areas in a wide variety of industries related to machined plastics, and we can therefore guarantee extensive experience in technical advice for all of them. As a result, we can design any types of parts in our workshops, such as stars, sliding profiles, machine guards, gears, tilters and augers, idlers and pulleys, among many other things.

In terms of applications for machined technical and engineering plastics, the following areas stand out: the food industry and all its functionalities, packaging, aeronautics and railways, and we are also successfully entering the biotechnological and health fields. We have extensive experience in the packaging of perfumery and cosmetics products, as well as special parts for the machinery used, maintenance solutions, stands for trade fairs, spare parts and a much longer list that is constantly growing with the help of our professionals.

Machining of aluminium parts

As well as machining plastic parts, we also have specific machinery for the manufacture of other materials, such as non-ferrous metals or aluminium. The latter has many advantages in handling, as the cutting forces are lower than those in other materials. And due to its thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and low density, it has applications mainly focused in the automotive, aerospace, mechanical, electrical and electronic industries.