At Induplast we specialise in the manufacture of all types of parts for industrial machinery in different fields. To do this, we use a wide variety of techniques, including machining (by lathe machining and/or milling processes), engraving, moulding systems and laser printing. State-of-the-art machines ensure that our parts meet the highest quality and precision requirements.


Parts for production line machines

We manufacture all types of plastic machine parts for companies that already have their own production lines. Gear trains, gearboxes, pulleys, shafts and moulded parts, among many others. All of which are of great value and adapted to the particular needs of each customer. As far as the materials used are concerned, in addition to plastics of different characteristics, we also work with metals.

Thanks to modern technology and the wide variety of our machinery, we are able to meet short delivery times and large quantities of parts. In addition, our team of professionals has many years of experience working in innovation and development departments in a wide range of industries. So, in addition to manufacturing high-precision machine parts, at Induplast we also offer advice on their design.

Machine parts for all industries

Each industry has its own needs and requirements, and our team of experts is aware of this due to its extensive experience in the design and manufacture of parts of all types and for all industries: The chemical industry, electrical and electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry, textiles or the iron and steel industry, etc. We follow quality protocols, and so the techniques used vary according to the project, with the purpose of avoiding any failure and guaranteeing the right process for each particular part.

Some examples of our work are plastic parts for construction; textile machinery parts; laboratory and chemical machinery parts, with traceability certificates; parts for packaging machines; approved automotive parts or pharmaceutical machinery parts, among others.

By combining Induplast's experience in the design and manufacture of parts with state-of-the-art machinery and technology, including 3D laser printing, we obtain a product of the highest quality and thus guarantee the satisfaction of all our customers.