At Induplast we are aware of the demands of the automotive sector, which is why we work with specific equipment that allows us to quickly obtain automotive parts and mechanisms in different materials, and always with a guarantee of quality.


Plastic automotive parts are an advantageous alternative to other traditionally used materials. Polypropylene or PP, as well as other materials such as PEEK or PPS, offer specific properties for this industry, such as resistance to high temperatures or friction.

One of the advantages of plastic for the manufacture of parts is its ease of moulding. It is therefore possible to obtain an infinite number of variations and customised plastic parts for the automotive industry, as long as they are processed in the right way. As parts are better adjusted, their durability and resistance to high temperatures also increases. This provides thermal and electrical insulation. Plastic parts for automobiles are very light, an indispensable requirement in this industry.

We have specific machinery in our workshops to carry out this type of work with high precision and guaranteed quality!


Aluminium is highly conductive, so any heat that is generated dissipates quickly. In addition, its low density means that rotational forces due to inertia are reduced and, consequently, the cutting speed is higher. This means that aluminium automotive parts require less energy to manufacture and less force to cut.

However, the tools used for machining must have cutting edges that allow these cuts to be highly accurate, as these parts are not only used in areas such as the automotive industry, but also in aeronautics and engineering.

At Induplast we have innovative and specialised machinery for this type of work, such as CNC machines or our 5-axis precision pantograph that we use to make large-scale prototypes..

Our technical staff has experience in RDI, which guarantees the quality of the end result. We have the capacity to make aluminium parts for the automotive industry of any size and with maximum precision.

If you work in the automotive industry and you need a plastic or aluminium part, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will make your idea a reality!