To get the best results, it is essential to work with those who can ensure this. At Induplast, a leading company in the industrial plastics and engineering plastics sector, we are committed to satisfying our customers' needs. In addition to a varied professional background, we have functional and technical knowledge that we use on a daily basis in the manufacture of customised plastic parts of any kind.

Industrial plastics company

With extensive experience in different industries, as well as in research and development (R&D), we are specialists in the manufacture of engineering plastic parts for all types of companies. Whatever their specific features, the team of professionals that make up our workshops will be able to create them using the best technology and with the highest quality results.

Machining of plastic and aluminium parts

At Induplast we have a wide variety of machinery types that allow us to machine any type of plastic and aluminium parts. We make all our workshops available to our customers in order to obtain a product that guarantees the highest precision and compliance with certain standards.
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