Last week, the Induplast team attended the Advanced Factories fair held in Barcelona, to learn about the new trends in automation equipment that will define the future of the industry. We have taken advantage of this experience to learn about the latest developments, and to network with companies in the industry to form new relationships with customers, suppliers or professionals.

What trends have we detected?

We have focused on one of the technologies that is currently booming, a technology that will define the future of the industry. We are talking about 3D technology or additive manufacturing. Due to the huge opportunities offered by this way of manufacturing, applications and technologies are currently being developed to provide services to a diverse range of industries, such as medical, aerospace or naval industries, among many others.

At Advanced Factories, we had the opportunity to talk to experts such as INEO, 3D Incubator and Leitat Foundation, all of whom emphasised the versatility of processes and innovative machinery that is being developed. It is a world to be discovered, full of infinite manufacturing possibilities:
  • Variety of raw material according to customer needs.

  • Optimisation of production times.

  • Reduction of manufacturing costs.

What about the manufacturing result? 100% customised parts with high technical requirements, with complex shapes, but at the same time which are perfectly functional.

Another topic that took centre stage at the fair was data management. Increasingly comprehensive, agile and accurate control systems are being implemented in many factories in the industrial sector to monitor production data on the lines, guaranteeing the integrity and security of the information.

EWON is one of the companies that offers software for data management, with whom we were able to talk about new trends. Finally, we were also able to confirm that in the machining sector, for both machinery and 3D printing, environmental awareness plays a major role. Environmental awareness and sustainability have become a priority, and rewards are given for reducing the carbon footprint, reducing energy costs and implementing circular energy for a greener future.

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