Discover the Precision and Quality of Our CNC Lathe Machining Service! At Induplast, we are investing in state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled personnel so that we can continue improving our machining services.

We are pleased to share the expansion of our machining services with the addition of a new state-of-the-art CNC Lathe. This machine is designed to work extensively with a high degree of precision and to create surfaces with a superior quality of finish.

Multi-Tool CNC Turning is an advanced machining technique that involves the use of a CNC lathe equipped with a tower of multiple tools that change automatically according to the needs of the machining process. This provides several advantages in terms of efficiency and manufacturing capacity.
Increased Efficiency
The main advantage of Multi-Tool CNC turning is increased efficiency. With several tools available, the machine can perform multiple machining operations in a single setup, reducing cycle time and increasing productivity. This is especially beneficial in mass production.

The ability to automatically switch between different tools enables turning, drilling, milling, tapping, threading and more to be performed on a single machine, increasing versatility and the range of parts that can be produced.

Higher Accuracy
By avoiding the need to remove the part from the machine to perform different operations on separate machines, the risk of positioning errors is reduced. This leads to a higher level of accuracy in machined parts.

Cost reduction
By combining multiple operations on one machine, labour costs are reduced and production lead times are shortened. This can translate into a significant reduction in manufacturing costs.

Improve Consistency
Automated tool selection and CNC programming ensure high consistency in the quality of machined parts.

Less Downtime
By minimising tool change times and manual interventions, machine downtime is reduced, which increases efficiency and productivity.

In summary, Multi-Tool CNC Turning is an advanced technology that gives companies the ability to machine complex parts more efficiently, accurately and cost-effectively. This is especially valuable in industries that require high quality standards and tight tolerances.

Do you have a project in mind?
Whether you are looking to produce prototypes, plastic production parts such as washers, gears, rollers, bushings, etc., or custom components, we are here to help you. You can get in touch with us to discuss your project and receive a no obligation quote.
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