Engineering Office
A comprehensive and agile service for project viability approvals in the automotive and railway industry! And much more!

At INDUPLAST, besides the manufacturing of machined plastic parts, one of the areas with the most potential for short-term development is the Engineering Office. We have a team of over 125 professionals who, day by day, take on complete and diverse challenges, spanning a wide range of industrial sectors. We'll share more details about this service with you!

What is the Engineering Office?

We offer clients a comprehensive service of multidisciplinary engineering and consulting. Our experts work from feasibility studies, design, consulting, technical support, to the manufacturing and after-sales service of equipment and products. We have cutting-edge technology and are committed to 3D digitization and additive manufacturing.

This is an example of how we apply our service!


Creation of life-sized scale models of train carriages:
  • We start with the key aspects required by the client, such as load capacity, dimensions, and preferred materials for certification.
  • We create a conceptual design of the train carriage using 3D modeling software; typically, we generate several design proposals for client review and feedback.
  • We manufacture the prototype using additive manufacturing technology - 3D printing; this provides a significant benefit to the client, helping to save on costs and time.

The importance of creating prototypes

1.- It allows for the assessment and validation of the proposed design.

2.- Prototypes reveal potential design flaws, enabling teams to identify and correct errors before moving to the full production stage. During this analysis and improvement stage, our experts conduct engineering analyses to assess structural strength, stability, and other properties of the prototype.

3.- Based on the analysis results and customer feedback, we make any necessary improvements to the design, if needed.

4.- Once all tests and analyses are completed, we achieve prototype validation for the commencement of mass production of the components.
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