The DELRIN® war
Since the end of 2020, the plastic industry has been facing a raw materials crisis, which is causing supply problems and a continuous increase in the prices of materials. This creates a lot of uncertainty for companies in the sector, as it is very difficult to offer fast delivery times.

This is leading to a collapse in manufacturing due to the over-demand of plastic materials. We manufacturers have tripled our orders for materials in a matter of weeks, simply to avoid running out of raw materials and to be able to keep working.

There are several causes that have triggered this crisis, it all started with the fall in production due to the pandemic, then the unexpected reactivation of production, the increase in transport costs and fuel costs, as well as many others.

The shortage of supplies is not only a specific type of material but it affects all engineering plastics. What particularly affects us at Induplast is the shortage of DELRIN®, as these days more than 60% of our machining service is dedicated to the food sector.

DELRIN® (POM- Polyacetal), is a thermoplastic material with properties very similar to those of metals. This material is the second most used polymer in the industry, after Nylon® (Polyamide-PA), due to its resistant qualities and ease of machining.

Another advantage of the DELRIN® material is that it has many uses across the majority of sectors, but most notably in the food industry. DELRIN® is an FDA material, suitable for the food and drug sectors, which have both been booming since the pandemic and require an ever increasing amount of supplies. This has led to a shortage at the suppliers, due to the current excess demand for this material and an increase in price that sometimes exceeds 50%.

At Induplast, we continue to make every effort to obtain materials despite the long delivery times, so as not to inconvenience our customers. Occasionally, our technical advisers offer alternative materials to meet your needs, as long as they suit your requirements.

If you need more information about this product, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be delighted to help!

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