We are doubling our 3D printing capacity
Our commitment to new and emerging technologies is a key strategy and one of our competitive advantages. We are continuing to improve and enhance the production process to offer our customers more innovative and efficient solutions. Today we want to share our commitment to 3D printing with you, a fast and flexible technology that enables the production of high precision, customised parts!

3D printing, our key strength

Here at Induplast, we have been using additive manufacturing to make parts for years, as it offers excellent results. Now, with the aim of continued growth in this industry, we have expanded our 3D printing capacity and have invested in new machinery that enables us to respond effectively to the high demand of our customers, making us more competitive in an increasingly demanding market. Unlike most of our competitors, at Induplast we have years of experience in the 3D printing industry, and this enables us to manufacture not only prototypes, but also fully functional parts in medium and long production runs, a real breakthrough!

Impresión 3D: una tecnología clave en la fabricación de piezas mecánicas 

With 3D technology at Induplast, we are able to optimise everything from the design stages through to the production, functionality and finishing of the parts.

Most 3D printing technologies, in general, enable us to work mainly on prototypes. Our R&D department, however, has been committed to 3D printing from the very beginning and today we are even able to replace traditional manufacturing processes such as machining or injection moulding. This process is particularly useful for manufacturing parts with very complex geometries, as the possibilities of this technology are limitless!

We are expanding our production capacity

Our customers already rely on this new manufacturing alternative to see through their projects. This has boosted the demand for 3D printing, so we have decided to expand our 3D printing capacity by acquiring a new HP JET FUSION, which will enable us to respond to this increased level of demand.

We are committed to innovation and continuous improvement, we are also committed to incorporating 3D printing in new industries where this technology has great potential. In one of them, the automotive industry, the manufacture of 3D printed parts brings great advantages that offer a more efficient alternative to traditional processes.
At Induplast, we are delighted to be able to share this new stage with you, and we are working every day to continue offering you the best machining solutions. We are committed to 3D printing and we are sure that, together, we can start some great projects!

Induplast, your core component.
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