3D Solutions: Fibre-reinforced filament fabrication (4)
3D printing for the manufacturing of engineering parts is an innovative method that offers great versatility in terms of solutions and applications. At Induplast, we specialise in 3D printing solutions, and we offer our customers a wide variety of manufacturing processes. We work out the requirements and advise on the most suitable manufacturing method for each project.

Today, we will tell you all the details of one of the most efficient solutions on the market: fibre-reinforced filament 3D printing.

What is fibre-reinforced filament fabrication?

Fibre-reinforced filament fabrication, also known as FFF+CF, is a 3D manufacturing process that involves the deposition of layers of molten material. Unlike other manufacturing methods, this one incorporates continuous fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites.

Depending on the how the part will be used, and the mechanical properties required, the following fibres can be used: carbon, glass or kevlar.

What do these fibres add to the part?

The fibres reinforce the base material and give the parts greater strength. With fibre-reinforced filament 3D printing, it is possible to multiply the strength of a part without increasing its weight.

These are some of the most outstanding qualities of fibre-reinforced printed parts:
  • Mechanical strength: they can withstand heavy loads and better resist mechanical stresses.
  • Increased performance: the combination with fibre improves the performance of the parts in their final applications.
  • Parts made of fibre offer the same reliability as machined parts.

In terms of applications and uses, fibre-reinforced filament parts can be used in different sectors and industries to create components, functional prototypes or parts that require a combination of strength and lightness.

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