How did we do at Hispack trade fair?
The last week of May saw the Hispack trade fair held in Barcelona, a key event for the packaging sector, where companies and professionals linked to the industry gather to learn about and share the latest developments and trends that will shape the future of the sector.

This year's main trend is sustainability. Due to the current climate emergency, companies are implementing greener solutions that help enable processes and the end product to reduce their environmental footprint. We are talking about new technologies that optimise productivity, not only by reducing costs, but also by reducing energy consumption. For example, faster and more versatile packaging machinery.

In this scenario, the parts for this machinery play a very important role, made of lightweight materials that reduce the energy required for operating the machine.

Also worth noting is the commitment to more sustainable materials, such as recycled and recyclable plastics. The future lies in recyclable packaging that promotes a circular economy and contributes to waste reduction: bioplastics, recycled packaging or designs that optimise the use of materials.

Another of the most important trends at the Hispack trade fair is the digitalisation of processes.

On an internal level, attending the fair has helped us to gather new ideas and include them in our plans for the coming months, in order to adapt to emerging market trends. We want to commit ourselves to a more sustainable approach, by supporting green projects, and working with recycled and recyclable plastic materials.

At the Hispack trade fair, we had the opportunity to expand our network of contacts and create new relationships with customers, suppliers and industry professionals.

We will soon be announcing our upcoming projects, follow us on social media so you don't miss out!

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