One of the most common words in our current working environment, and perhaps in general, in many business areas, is methacrylate.

While it is still one of the most commonly used plastic materials in our workshops, it has become liquid gold during the coronavirus pandemic; being sold out in a matter of hours, sometimes tripling in price.

As a protective measure against COVID-19, all kinds of safety screens, or anti-contagion shields, have started to be manufactured and marketed in a variety of models and materials.

Nowadays, you can find anti-COVID screens on sale in the least expected place: in print shops, at the corner shop, in stationery shops, etc.

We have all reinvented ourselves, trying to "get a head start" (and, why not, profit!!!) in the delicate situation we are going through, as it seems to be a product that is sure to sell out of necessity.

The main idea of this post is not to sell to you, but to explain the exact work done by Induplast as specialists in engineering plastic machining processes in this current Coronavirus situation, as I find there are people who still don't associate our essence with the essentials of the present moment, as I said in a previous post.

Who better than a specialist in working with plastics in general to advise you and offer you everything you need to protect your business from an outbreak?
In our workshops, the production of these articles varies in terms of the raw materials, which are according to the customer's needs and applications, but it is true that, for all its physical and chemical properties, the most highly demanded plastic material is PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate), also known as PLEXIGLAS®.

But why is it that, with so much diversification, methacrylate stands out above all others and has becomes the most sought-after engineering plastic in terms of preventing COVID-19?

Let's find out together.

Methacrylate is the most transparent plastic that exists, with a high durability, due to its high resistance to impact, which is 10-15 times greater than glass. (Download PMMA technical data sheet).
Compared to glass, it weighs less than half, which makes methacrylate parts light and easy to handle.

It is resistant to thermal agents and ultraviolet rays, so it is also suitable for outdoor exposure, even for periods of more than 10 years.

 It comes in a variety of colours and finishes, which allows its widespread use in the fields of architecture, design and decoration.

PMMA methacrylate offers more than just protection against infection, something so sought after nowadays as a balance between safety, utility and aesthetics.

Its maintenance is relatively simple, since just wiping it with soap and water is enough to clean it and to restore its transparency.

It is true that it is easily scratched by any metal object, but it can be repaired as many times as you wish with a polishing paste that leaves it in impeccable condition.

Methacrylate is a good thermal and acoustic insulator, which means that in this particular case – speaking of protection against infection – it performs a dual function, acting as a room divider on many occasions.

In short, these are the general properties that have made methacrylate the most sought-after material in the current situation.

As we announced at the beginning of the pandemic, we manufacture the screens at Induplast internally, in our workshops, selling them all over the country.
(Below you can see some photos of our work).

Being specialists in the machining of engineering plastics, we are not only dedicated to the production of standard screens, but our technical department also advises on complex projects for the creation of public spaces with customised protection systems.

From restaurants and catering establishments to gyms, business centres, medical centres and hotel chains, we offer our customised technical consultancy service to all those who request it.

 We provide support and take care of all aspects of protection against infection for your business, all tailor-made and exclusive.

However, don’t hesitate to contact us for complex projects with technical requirements and personalised advice,

Our customised projects include designing and manufacturing made-to-measure interior and exterior room dividers, individual guards for gym equipment, counter screens of different sizes and window openings (depending on the industry), mobile protection for separating spaces between diners in catering establishments... And an infinite number of other customised products.

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