Plastic machining in the packaging and packaging sector: efficiency and customization
In the packaging and packaging sector, our work as experts in machining technical plastics is highly prominent. In general, the packaging process involves a lengthy journey of the product through a complex set of high-precision machinery (a packaging line).

What you may not know is that a fundamental part of this machinery is composed of machined parts made of technical plastic. These parts play a very relevant role in optimizing the entire process on the packaging line, ensuring a series of significant advantages compared to other materials, such as metal: increased durability, chemical resistance, or cost, for example. Let us tell you why!

Advantages of machined plastic parts in the packaging and packaging sector

Efficiency in production
Machining plastic parts enables the manufacturing of precise and durable components that are crucial in filling, packaging, and labeling lines. This reduces machinery downtime and ensures more efficient production.

Packaging Optimization:
Parts such as nozzles and seals are crucial to ensure precise and airtight filling of containers. This is key to preventing spills, ensuring product quality, and complying with packaging regulations.

Precision in labeling
Our parts contribute to precision in product labeling. These high-precision components ensure that labels are applied uniformly and aligned, enhancing the product presentation in the market. We manufacture support parts, plastic guides, and stars, among others.

Quality packaging
We provide essential parts for the manufacturing of high-quality packaging, ranging from lids, caps, and closures to containers of specific shapes (e.g., godets, pucks, or puck sleeves).

Cost reduction
Plastic machining can help reduce operating costs in the packaging sector by decreasing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance, thanks to the durability of plastic parts.

To ensure maximum safety for both machinery and the workers handling it, at Induplast, we manufacture special safety guards, customized and designed for all types of machinery in this sector.
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