The manufacture of parts with 3D printers is an innovative and highly versatile technique that has led to great advances in many sectors. The reliability of this new industrial solution is gaining strength by leaps and bounds, replacing traditional machinery in a wide variety of jobs. The HP JET FUSION 3D Printer is now the key tool for the success of projects in all industrial sectors, guaranteeing high performance, precision, flexibility and optimised workflows.

Company specialised in 3D printing

Induplast stands out for its innovative nature, both in the machinery used for the manufacture of all types of parts and in the technical advice provided by our professionals. For this reason, we are committed to cutting-edge technology, placing our full trust in the HP Jet Fusion 3D printer and its multiple applications. As pioneers in the printing of 3D parts, we produce prototypes of highly complex geometries, as well as final parts in short and medium series. With the printing of 3D parts, we not only obtain finishes that exceed the strictest quality controls, but we also reduce manufacturing times in a surprising way, helping to improve profitability. Our workshops work with certified, high quality materials. In this case, the versatility of the material used for printing (polyamide-PA12) means that there are many sectors where its production fits in, such as the aeronautical, biotechnological, automotive or electrical sectors, among many others.

Custom budget for your 3D printing

Due to the variety of work that can be carried out with this type of machinery is very wide, we prepare a customised 3D printing quote for each customer. Our experts are available to advise you and help you to optimise your production. In addition to specialising in the manufacture of parts for industrial purposes, we are also involved in the design of these parts to ensure high precision and optimum process performance. Contact us for more information.
Impresión 3D In 2017 we added new 3D printing technology to our work:
Additive manufacturing, as a modern alternative to traditional machining processes for technical parts.



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Video Induplast Plásticos de Ingeniería Impresoras 3D HP
Video Induplast Plásticos de Ingeniería Impresoras 3D HP

Our 3D Printing Solutions

Additive printing Fusion additive printing

If you need fully functioning pieces
and with the best quality.
This is for you!


Layer by layer printing
¡Flawless finishes
with great level of detail!

Fused deposition modelingFused deposition modeling

Do you need high precision parts
with complex geometries?
This is it!

Fibre-reinforced filament fabricationFibre reinforced filament

Do you need lightweight parts
with strength reinforcement?
This is it!

3D Scanning3D Scanning

Reverse technology, we convert
a real object into a virtual one
This is it!

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The purpose of guards for industrial machinery is to look after and preserve it in the long term, as well as to prevent occupational hazards in industrial environments, in order to avoid possible accidents. At Induplast we are aware of the importance of both needs, which is why we have state-of-the-art machinery and tools that allow us to manufacture them for all types of industries.

Made-to-measure plastic guards

Plastic protection is mainly used for machinery maintenance. However, there is also the possibility of carrying out other projects that require a special structure. This is the case with display cases or dispenser boxes, or any delicate product that requires protection to guarantee total safety. At Induplast we work in accordance with our customers’ preferences and needs.

With extensive experience in advising professionals from various industries in areas of R&D, we manufacture any part from a design. The technical knowledge and specialisation of our machinery and professional team allows us to offer customised results with high accuracy and quality.

Machinery guards

Machinery guards can be made using different manufacturing processes, always depending on the application and the customer's specifications. These include cold bending, bonding and thermoforming techniques.

As for the materials, we mainly use acrylics, those that are resistant to intense activity and are lightweight at the same time. These include polycarbonate (PC), PETG or methacrylate (PMMA).

In addition to their anti-shock and impact function, it is also necessary for machine guards, whether they are made of plastic or other materials, to offer safety to the environment in which they are located.

At Induplast we take care of the details and offer a quality end product, focused not only on improving safety, but also the functionality of the company. Contact us and your case will be subject to a personalised study.

Machinery guard   Machinery guard
Maquinaria protección Industrial

Special structures

Our professionals can carry out special projects such as dispenser boxes, display cases or any idea that can be completed. From a sketch or a plan, we will study your request to make it a reality.