Established in 2004, our company, InduPlast, emerged from the need created in the market for technical advice in choosing products depending on their application. We contribute to improving your processes by replacing conventional materials with engineering plastics.

Over the years we have, in conclusion, worked with R&D offices in various industries (food, iron and steel, textiles, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, agriculture, packaging, electricity, electronics, automotive, construction, etc.), something which has provided us with extensive technical and functional knowledge which we make available to you for developing and implementing your projects.

Some examples of machining: profiles, gears, bushings, sliding rails, scrapers, stars, rollers, wheels and sheaves, cylinders, flanges, pulleys and guards.

We have machining professionals that make it possible to produce any type of part in engineering plastics.

Given that many of the parts we produce for our customers form part of a group of items made of different materials, we have expanded our production processes to offer machining of metals and elastomers.



We make your ideas come true
We accompany the entire process, from the idea to the final delivery.

Initial idea

Initial meeting to evaluate the specific needs of each of our clients.

Technical Meeting

Resolution of doubts and search for the best solution.


Once the budget is accepted, production of quality parts with the shortest possible delivery time.


Daily monitoring of the production process until final delivery.


With a wide range of machinery, including lathes and milling machines, CNC, 5-axis pantograph, etc., we can offer any type of machining.
Machining Centre
Machining Centre
Centro de mecanizado