Nouvel atelier avec une capacité de production accrue et d’autres nouveautés
At Induplast, we have been in the plastic machining sector for over eighteen years, offering technical advice and providing customers with the development and manufacture of their product and the implementation of their projects.

This has provided us with the necessary experience and know-how to continue growing and establishing INDUPLAST as a company with a good reputation within the sector, as well as gaining the trust and respect of our customers.

As our company's internal motto says, our goal is to continue growing together with our customers. For this reason, and after studying and approving the feasibility of a new project, we are going to expand our network of machining workshops.

We will expand the production capacity of our business, to adapt to customer requests and the demands of the market, offering a more varied range of services and manufacturing processes for industrial machinery parts in all sectors.

At Induplast, we have always had machining professionals that make it possible to produce any type of part in engineering plastics. This gives us the confidence to announce our new addition today. This is a workshop for manufacturing and producing precision machined parts, which has a wealth of experience in the sector, and the guarantee of official certifications. This workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery that allows us to work with mechanised parts across very different sectors.  

In this regard, we want to go a step further and move on to long production runs of machined parts. Additionally, thanks to exhaustive quality control at all stages of the process, we are able to offer our customers products with added value and quality assurance.

Although Induplast's speciality will continue to be plastic machining, we are opening the door to also working with metal machining, as we have a department specialising in this sector.

With this new incorporation of a workshop with the potential to manufacture in medium and long production runs, we are increasing the value of the management service we have been providing. We are expanding and promoting the modernisation of manufacturing processes with the clear idea of keeping pace with and satisfying our customers.

If you are interested in any of our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would be delighted to help!


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