Durabilité. Chez Induplast, nous nous soucions de l’environnement
Sustainability is a very relevant issue due to the great climate emergency we are facing. In this context, the environmental responsibility of companies has, at times, become a deciding factor for customers when choosing their supplier, and it is now practically an ethical obligation for companies to implement sustainable business practices.

As we are fully immersed in the world of plastic materials (due to the fact that our main area of business involves the production of industrial plastic parts), here at Induplast we want to express our concern for the planet and the environment. We are aware of the climate crisis, which is why we are taking action within the business to help protect our ecosystem.

In this sector it is difficult to replace plastic with another type of material, due to the advantages it offers. The use of this material in the production of parts, in an indirect way, provides positive effects that offset many of the harmful effects that it can be perceived as having.
  • Once thermoplastics are no longer useful, they can be melted down and reused as raw materials, thus contributing to a circular economy.
  • Plastic machine parts have a low weight, which saves energy when in use.

And we would also like to make it known that we often work with sustainable bio-based materials: bioplastics. This alternative to conventional plastic is made from natural polymers, i.e. it is manufactured partly or entirely from renewable resources.

For our company, using this innovative alternative is possible as long as the customer's requirements can be met.

Among their main advantages, plastics made from renewable resources help reduce global GHG emissions, save energy in production and reduce the carbon footprint. At Induplast we integrate environmental responsibility, not only in the final product, but also in the internal management of the company, by adopting habits and processes that help promote the culture of sustainability. We also collaborate with companies that collect plastic waste at our workplaces and take it to the corresponding recycling plants.

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